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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adsense Challenge: US $10,000 To Prove The US $636,000 A Fake

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This Adsense cheque of USD 636,000 owned by Mr. Big Check just commented. The comment sounds a little provoking.

I've mailed Mr. Big Check personally, asking for some clarification. I also showed Mr. Big Check the comment. Mr. Big Check had replied me, and he gave his permission to publish this challenge:


You can see i like my anonymity and so have no need for fame... I emailed the check to you because i wanted to inspire others that they too can make a comfortable living online. Anyway i want to offer a challenge - i will offer $10k to anyone if they can prove that check is a sham!

BTB, Goodluck with your website Mr. Cheque :)
Thank you very much Mr. Big Check for your kindness and clarification.

Well folks, we talk about US $10,000 here.

Prove it on the comments section below. Just give it a try!

Mr. Cheque