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Monday, December 24, 2007

Google Tips: How To Get Indexed By Google In Minutes

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Wait for a minute please...

Well, I told you about the part of the story here:

Blogger Tips: Optimize Your URL For Search Engines

Mr. Cheque


aLe said...

haha, keren juga oM milis bicara,
lha wong searchingnya dng kata kunci '' ya mesthi keluar :lol: di skrinsyutnya kliatan tuh di addresbar, jd walopun di fornm shearching di hapus tetep kliatan, wekekeke

semoga menjadi pelajaran untuk bermain lebih 'cantik' lagi ;)

thanks 4 your sharing


Admin at
** ^^b

Mr. Cheque said...

Dear Alixwijaya.

This post is NOT about "How To Get Indexed", it's about "How To get Indexed IN MINUTES".

Sukses buat kamu.
Mr. Cheque.

aLe said...

makasih konfirmasinya ^^b

makasih juga uda berkenan mampir di bLog aLe.
Go publisher Indonesia

suKses utk kita smua