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Sunday, March 4, 2007

What is The Cheques Gallery Gonna Be

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Hi there, my name is Mr. Cheque. This is the gallery of bank notes made by people for their online activities. I really believe this is a truly your dream gallery.

Many people from all over the world still have the doubts, the hesitations for what ever the reasons are, that they can not monetizing their website or their blog, and make fortunes from that. They need teasers, propaganda and provocations before they really dive into it. They need helps.

The others, do believe and working hard on it while they're having their unique emotional experiences. Experiences those are certainly, definitely different from what they have from their offline activities. They also have the upside and down side in their psychological states, in their efforts and in their motivations or spirits. And of course, they work really hard to affirm their self that there are hopes out there, in the jungle of billions of information and clicks.

For some, this money making activities are only side job, as a compliment for their needs of actualization and articulation. For some, it is a supplement job as an additional source of income. And for some other, online money making is their only and primary job. Why not, if you can make out any kind of income delivering over $100,000 monthly into your pocket, right?

This blog is dedicated for both, the sceptical and the real believer. So, this is what The Cheques Gallery gonna be.

I've decided to work as hard as i can, to collect any evidence on valid and original cheques, earned by people from their online activities, from any source of information, articles, reviews, blog posts, site contents, online galleries, and especially particular photographs, the scanned cheques from you or from others, privately mailed to me, for the purpose of being showed up here in the gallery.

I will maintain some kind of standards of validity, accuracy, and originality for the cheques. Any cheques found to be fraud, fake, make up results, or other kinds of manipulation that positively indicating the cheques are not real, will be labelled as "jokes" in this gallery. If any of you find one, let me know.

I will do the works of browsing, digging, and wandering in this virtual world, trying to find those real and original cheques. I will do the asking or even the begging in order to "share" the cheques from every one including you. So you certainly can help me, by sending me your own cheques to me. You can share any portion of your earnings, the top, the lowest, the favorites, the best of the month, best of the year, the most sucks, the most motivating, daily, weekly, monthly, every single cheque, anything. Just do it now, or hope you can do it soon. Ameen.

Sure, there are some shortfalls in the mean time. My english is suck. I still do not know what can i do with my only 550 TOEFL score. I just try my best to write and speak in english. You may not find any stunning articles, reviews or comments especially wrote by me. On the other hand, we all knows that a picture can say a thousand words. And you know what? A single cheque picture can say a million dollar of words.

You may still find the low qualities of pictures, "stolen" ones, etc. You may also find that this blog is not at it's best visual performance yet. I'm not saying about the design, in honour to this template designer and everybody "attached" to this template. I'm just saying about the contents, the compositions, the pictures, the writing style, and the typhography. All those minus credits goes to me. Thanks to the template designer, the comment widget maker etc. Thank you very much.

You, can do your researches, digg any information, check out for something you can used to provoke others or inspires them, learn how other making their money, try to understand why they get so lucky, get any motivational or inspirational stuffs for your own sake, leveraging your skill of online marketing and online money making, so you can make the best out of you, as a damn good money maker.

This is what i believe.

First, right on this time, i believe there are few people - compared to the people of this whole world of course, that have already earned about a million of dollars from their online activities. The rest, earned about tens to hundreds of dollars. Infact, it's not just from their online activities, but from their single activity instead: BEING ONLINE. So, this is all about PASSIVE incomes at the end. That, is everybody seeks for the whole of their life.

Second, when the time comes, those few people are soon going to mark their millions or billion of dollars earnings. And the rest, will have their tens of thousand dollars of online earnings in their banks. And that can be: YOU!

Help others to make their fortunes, help your self in chasing the money, help your self making the fortunes, and help me making mine.

I blog you all.
Mr. Cheque.


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