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Friday, March 2, 2007

$600 Adsense Cheque For Mr. Thilak

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The date was Jan 25, 2007. Ummm.. yummy...yummy Mr. Thilak. And It's $22,901.60! Ups! Mr. Thilak just corrected me (March 03, 2007), it's in Indian Rupee. So it's actually worthed around $600. Thanks Mr. Thilak. 

By the way, Mr. Thilak has his "February 2007 Report" here. One of his commenter said that Mr. Thilak can't miss a single ad company from his list.

And you know what? Mr. John Chow just post that he is going to publish his February 2007 earning recap tomorrow. He is teasing his visitor with a game. Anyone is invited to guess the number he makes in February 2007. The winner, he promised, can bring home a custom branded wristwatch from Abit Computer. He gets 240 guesser and the game now closed. I think I'm a little late for the party. But my guess is that he makes over $10 grants in this February.

Well, we are waiting Mr. John Chow!

Take a look at Mr. John Chow "money game" and let's see how much he's getting richer in the morning.

PS. I can't "save image as" Mr. Thilak's cheques at the Flickr. So I just grab and crop it. Is'it ok with the Flickr? Anyone? I think Mr. Thilak should sent me directly all these scans. But he just mailed me and give me the links.

Update: March 03, 2007
Mr. John Chow has reveal his February earnings. He is getting richer by $7,011.05, and this is the report.

Mr. Cheque.


Thilak said...

Actually, that's Indian Rupees, not USD.. so it translates to around 600+ dollars

Thanks for the highlight.