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Monday, March 5, 2007

$735.02 Adsense Cheque - slash log

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I got this Adsense cheque today. $735.02 for a Brazilian site. It's a bit difficult for me to tell you about the facts regarding these cheques. How they can get the cheques, what they have done to get it, what tricks they did, and what so ever. I think have to dig a little deeper on them. Anybody who received these kind of cheques are still hiding behind their "secrets". Or, should i ask and write them personally? Maybe. But thanks' anyway and congratulation!

And i also found several postings on various site and blogs "reviewing" the Cheques Gallery. Here they are:

1. Pinoy Techie (Philippine)

"I think this particular site will take off, mainly because the site is based on a basic human need: the need to be inspired. More power to Mr. Cheque who owns the site! :)"

Pinoy Techie is a Philippine site focusing on technology.

2. The Danesh Project (Denmark)

"I my self formally a sceptic am now starting to see the potential of making money through blogging. If your content is good and keeps your visitors happy then there is not reason why you should not be rewarded for your work. At least to cover the hosting cost.

I came across “Cheques Gallery“ a few days back. The blog has a good collection of images of cheques and notes from contributors who have been successfully making money online through their blogs or other content. Going through the site and looking at all the various $$ signs or bling as I call it got me all fired up to start blogging quality content and not just mambo jumbo.

I must say, it is really nice to see a good collection of Malaysian bloggers getting rewarded for their thoughts and contents. Just look at all the “bling” they making.

The “Cheques Gallery“ is good eye opener and motivator to all those seriously thinking of contributing to the blogging scene. Have a look and tell me your self."

The Danesh Project is a Denmark site.

3. Basic Step
4. Technology At Hand

5. Romantika (Romania)

"It’s official. This morning at home I switched on my machine, browsed on LiewCF, saw some posts, followed a link, and fell off my chair. I am talking about this post."

6. Strassengeld (Germany)

7. Passion Seeker

"Hi everyone here is another great site - it's just started up and I expect it to be pretty big pretty soon, it's an idea as a marketer that I love. It give results and it gives real performance and motivates those who are more sceptical than others."

8. Elad (Israel)

9. Liew Cheon Fong (Malaysia)

"It is truth that many people still do not believe the possible of making money online. The Cheques Gallery shows them the evidences."

Thank you folks, that's really helps.

Mr. Cheque.

5 comments: said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Mr. Cheque. Keep up the good work! :)


Ady said...

Err.. dude. I am a Malaysian, not Romanian


Anyway I take this chance to congratulate you on a good idea, and a job well done!

Mike Perry said...

Interesting idea. Though sometimes there is more to other peoples' cheques than meets the eye. Was it all profit, for example? How much did they pay for advertising to get the money etc?
Good luck,

danny said...

Thanks Mr. Cheque for the shoutout.I like what you have going here.

Small correction, The Danesh Project is actually a Malaysia based blog :)

No worries,

I'm Danny the owner...

Thanks again..

Bryan taylor said...

Wow only in my dreams will Google give me a check like that! This si some great inspiration to those just starting or even those that have not that much success in the past(like myself)!