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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

$500,000 AzoogleAds Cheque Goes To Mr. Shoemaker

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Well, basically this is questionable. But i rather label this $500,000 AzoogleAds cheque as "true", based on Mr. Shoemaker's real $132,994.97 Adsense cheque here, and the humvee there. Would you like to clarify then Mr. Shoemaker?

And this came for me today from Mr. Elvis at the Internet Marketing Watch (you can read this on the comments section too):

"I got your site thru MyBlogLog. The site idea is great and I found your traffic has been growing so steep in Alexa curve. Can you tell me how? You rock, man! Can we be affiliate in terms of linking together to drive traffices in and out?"

Well Mr. Elvis, the king's in the house. That's a nice progress for this two weeks old blog. You can just scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what the king means. But we must remember then, that most part of the credit goes to Blogger. But thanks anyway.

And Mr. Cosa Aranda, an Indonesian Adsense freelance consultant, under the post "Should I Disclose My Income Details?", in Indonesian language, take this all controversials up to the next level with his poll. 



Victor Kingwealth said...

This is quite unbelievable. I think Shoemoney should be named the king of Ads. He is more than wonderful.