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Thursday, March 15, 2007

12th Example of A Dozen of Cheques Handed to Mr Cheque

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And here is the 12th. You have a dozen sample of cheques being made by Mr. Cheque. Yes, those are only samples. And you know what? The numbers on those examples, are not even close to Mr. Cheque average earnings. Mr. Cheque now just wait for a perfect time, and waiting it coming of course, for the cheques that can shock everybody.

You see, there have been several modification in layout and form of those cheques. Well, Mr. Cheque had been monetizing Google, since the very first day when the Adsense was born. So you better watch out and keep doing your good work. And here is Mr. Cheque's tips:

1. Have more than one sites or blogs.
2. Build the traffic.
3. If you ever got banned, make a new account. Do not ever monetizing the banned site or blog ever again. Forget the Adsense, try something else.
4. Do not try any fraud.

Yeah...yeah, some kind of brand new tips Mr. Cheque.

Says who, that you can not make fortunes doing online? Just do it! And you'll make it!


Mr. Cheque.