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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Adsense New Feature: View Ads About...

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This is the new Google Adsense feature. Cool isn'it? Now Your visitors can search directly into those Adsense ads.

Mr. Cheque

Friday, December 28, 2007

John Chow Visit My Site

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Voila. Mr. John Chow just visited my site.

This "Law of Attraction" stuff does work right? You can see my invitation for him here.

Well, i think John Chow is that kind of 'financially free' and 'time free' person already. He certainly has so many times wandering around on other people's site. But yes, thank you very much for the visit.

John Chow is not yet giving any comments or his Adsense cheques in here. I'm waiting.


Adsense Starter Pack

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I've been abandoned this site for almost eight months as you can see in the 'jumping archive' in here. I've never post between March and this December. I've got some works to do offline.

Now i'm back and i'm gonna take this site seriously since blogging actually can take me to fame and rich, sorry... ;). I've even posted on this back in early days. Read on this here.

I am a big fan of NLP and The Law of Attraction. NLP is the science of excellence and The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. I'm heavily using both in my offline works and now i'm gonna use those two on the Adsense, so stay close folks. The whole thing about Adsense tips and tricks will be different from now on.

You are not going to see too many NLP and The Law of Attraction theories, techniques, or methods in here. If you are interested in NLP and The Law of Attraction, you'll just have to learn them yourself. This site is an experimental applications of those concepts.

Let us begin.

These are what you can learn so far to get rich by online money making. You will never find this kind of Adsense Starter Kit any where else.

1. The very first thing you'll have to do is to learn something frequently called as 'modelling'. You have to learn on how internet famous and rich people get their money online. You have to duplicate them. Not to duplicate their blogs or sites. Not just post things in their style. You have to find your own. The most important thing for you to know is to duplicate their mind and their actions.

2. You have to be consistent in a) observing, b) duplicating, c) modifying their 'whatevers'.

3. Keep posting. Don't do what I just did. Do this daily. Several post daily is better than one post a day. Soon, the search engines and networking are gonna be your best partners.

4. Focus on content and traffic. Give your visitors interesting matters as much as you can, but keep the focus on your main theme.

5. Once you get your site filled with tens of posts or so, go sign up for the Google Adsense. It would be better if you are not signing up when your site is just like parked domain pages out there. Contents!

You can take a look at my earlier posts on February Adsense Cheques and March Adsense Revenue. They really bring me traffic though they are not mine. Those are what i called "the fishing posts".

Be unique. Be you. Be the first if you can.

You can also take a look at those internet famous, rich-people's first month posts like Darren Rowse's and John Chow's. Learn about what they've done in early days. Or, just take look at the early posts on Darren Rowse's photography and John Chow's tech gadget sites. Or, you can take a look on how Markus Frind did this.

6. Put up your best posts on the top of your home page and make them as permanent links. A simple one for example is my "BIGGEST REAL ADSENSE CHEQUES..." thing up there. You can also see how Markus Frind do this by exposing how many visitors are being online at any time. These will attract visitors.

7. Have a clear vision and mission for your site. Make them as special posts and put them as permanent links somewhere on your home (top) page. You can see my vision and mission in "How To Attract Adsense - The Secret And Law of Attraction Applied" and "For Cheque Owners: Cut The Craps, Just Say It With Your Cheques!"

Find yours.

8. Put up an invitation or more as the implementation of your vision and mission like my "Send Us Your Cheque(s)" on the upper left corner, or my "Read Me Again" on the upper right corner or my "The simplest way to activate..." up in the middle of this site. Make them permanent.

See my special invitation. In NLP and Law of Attraction terms, this is called "declaration" or "ask".

9. Post a "Blog Suggestions Post" like my "Comments About This Blog" on this blog sidebar, so you'll get feedbacks from your visitors. You are going to do the life time improvements. Make it as a permanent link somewhere on your top page. Go to my "please comment" post. Write your comments.

10. Learn on copy-writing. You are a marketer. Learn to do stuffs like these:

How To Attract Adsense - The Secret And Law of Attraction Applied
Adsense Millionares
Adsense Challenge...
One Million Dollar Adsense Cheque! (Sorry, this one is a fake).
Adsense Tips: 29 Free eBooks On Adsense
How I Made $900,000 Adsense Cheque
Biggest Adsense Cheque Ever!
Adsense Starter Pack

Not just words. Contents!

11. Learn on how to optimized your Adsense ads. Manage them with Channels. Maintain them all the time.

12. Make your visitors open a new window as they click an internal link; a link that point to a page on your own site, not others. Use the "target=_new" tag in your certain links. This will increase the chance of getting this to your visitors.

13. Make your post, title, and URLs search engines friendly. Just take a look at this post:

How To Get Indexed By Google In Minutes
Blogger Tips: Optimize Your Posts Title For Better SERP
Blogger Tips: Optimize Your URL For Search Engines

14. Have an overall powerful message like this one:


15. The rest, just go surfing to get all those old fashion Adsense tips and tricks. You can find anything you need out there except for this Adsense Starter Pack.

to be improved...

Mr. Cheque

Adsense Millionaires

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Here you go.

1. Markus Frind
How I Started An (Adsense) Empire
Markus Frind's Adsense Millionaire Income

2. Kevin Rose
Business Week Coverage
Kevin Rose - 1
Kevin Rose - 2

3. Jeremy Shoemaker
Jeremy Shoemaker's Adsense Income

4. Jason Calacanis
Weblogs, Inc.
Jason Calacanis

5. David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard
Washington Post coverage

6. Ashley Qualls
Teen Adsense Millionaire! ($1,000,000 at 17).
She is just making so many free MySpace layouts on her site.
Offered more than $1.5 millions for her site but she refused.
Fastcompany Magazine
Yahoo News

7. Tim Carter
Google case study
Tim Carter

8. Joel Comm
Author of "What Google Never Told You About Adsense"

9. Shawn Hogan
Shawn Hogan

10. David Wilkinson
Millionaire boy - 12 year old.
Interview with David Wilkinson

11. Darren Rowse
Cheques Invitation

12. John Chow
Cheques Invitation

Mr. Cheque

Darren Rowse's And John Chow's Adsense Cheques

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I'm sorry if i had just dissapointed you. That is the exact question. Where are Mr. Darren Rowse's and Mr. John Chow's Adsense cheques? Did you ever seen their Adsense cheques being published somewhere on the net, or at their own blogs?

I did some digging on Google, and tried to search on their blogs (mountains of posts there). Still, i didn't find any "prove" of their money making activities. On Google's Adsense of course. I'm talking about the Adsense, so what i mean is their Adsense cheques.

I DO believe in their skill and ability. And i DO respect them. Yes, really. But yet, it would be nice if we all can see some examples of their Adsense cheques in here isn't it?

Anyone can tell me where to find these two master's Adsense cheques? Or somebody just go straight talking to them, and ask them to read this post.

I specially post this on "cheques invitation". I may invite other famous next time.


Mr. Cheque

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adsense Challenge: US $10,000 To Prove The US $636,000 A Fake

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NOTE: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated by Google.

This Adsense cheque of USD 636,000 owned by Mr. Big Check just commented. The comment sounds a little provoking.

I've mailed Mr. Big Check personally, asking for some clarification. I also showed Mr. Big Check the comment. Mr. Big Check had replied me, and he gave his permission to publish this challenge:


You can see i like my anonymity and so have no need for fame... I emailed the check to you because i wanted to inspire others that they too can make a comfortable living online. Anyway i want to offer a challenge - i will offer $10k to anyone if they can prove that check is a sham!

BTB, Goodluck with your website Mr. Cheque :)
Thank you very much Mr. Big Check for your kindness and clarification.

Well folks, we talk about US $10,000 here.

Prove it on the comments section below. Just give it a try!

Mr. Cheque

Blog Suggestions Post

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Dear visitors,

I've intentionally posted this one, just in case that you might want to share any comment about this blog in any aspect.

Thank you very much for your comments.

Mr. Cheque

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One Million Dollar Adsense Cheque!

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Can you believe this? A million dollar Adsense cheque!

Well, i have to labeled it as a fake one at the moment, because it does resemble the other owned by Mr. Shoemaker in here.

I'm waiting for the real million dollar cheques folks!

Mr. Cheque

For Cheque Owners: Cut The Craps, Just Say It With Your Cheques!

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How many sites, blogs, or forums out there speaking out tips and tricks on getting rich and making money online? How many 'experts' out there bombing you with all those tips and tricks craps?

Well, one thing is for sure; you may never get enough of hard evidence from them.

I think it is good for us, if you just send me your cheque(s), and then you give us some tips or tricks on how you end up with the cheque(s), and then we all here have the tips, the tricks, and the prove as well.

This is the way for you to speak up with prove.

Cut the craps. Just say it with (your) cheques!

Mr. Cheque

Monday, December 24, 2007

Adsense Tips: 29 Free eBooks On Adsense

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Before you download these materials, please read this carefully.

1. These materials give you any advice on Adsense. Some, probably giving you bad ideas on getting rich with the Adsense. You should understand the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Learn more about these two on Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

2. I get all these materials only by searching on the internet. Most of all are direct downloads of them. You will not facing any form asking you to fill in your name and email, or anykind of login and registering page. Just direct downloads.

3. The links to these materials can be changed or disappeared at any time with any reason. Download them as soon as you can.

4. Some of these materials may contain referral link, affiliate id, reseller link, or any kind of efforts to make money online from your clicks. Those all ARE NOT MINE. If you feel not willing to make somebody else getting richer, don't screw with them. Just read the contents. Or, find another way that you think more appropriate to get to the materials.

5. If you think you have found any of these materials is breaking any laws or any kinds of legal rights, please let me know.

Inform me at:, and tell me just where the visitor should go. This is NOT VALID in the case that the referred address is just another affiliate or reseller page. Tell me only the exact address of the author, the owner, or the fully legitimate and authorized page, as the original source of the material.

6. Basically, I'm only giving my visitors links based on the internet search results. I DO NOT responsible for any other obligation than removing the links. In any circumstances, I may be force myself to remove this whole post at all.

7. Use your anti virus application before opening the materials. I don't want you suffered from all of these. After all, this is all should be fun.

29 Free eBooks On Adsense

77 Ways to Get Traffic
Basic SEO
SEO Made Easy
Blogging For Profit
Bloggers Guide To Profit
Blueprint Guide To Blogger
Google Backdoor
Work At Home Moms Master Course
8,605 Words And Phrases That Sell
Overture Adwords
Adwords Made Easy
Adsense Revenue Exposed
What Google Never Told You About Adsense
Beginners Guide To Adsense
The Adsense Report
The Adsense Mint
Free Adsense eBook
Adsense Arbitrage
Adsense Alternatives Ebook of William Nabaza
Free Adsense eBook
Free Adsense eBook
Building Your own Adsense Empire
AdSense Business In-A-Box Part 1
AdSense Business In-A-Box Part 2
Adsense: Dollar Producing Factory
How To Make Five Figures a Month With AdSense
Banned Adsense
Getting Started With Google Adsense
Password :
Adsense Tips Video

Mr. Cheque

Google Tips: How To Get Indexed By Google In Minutes

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Wait for a minute please...

Well, I told you about the part of the story here:

Blogger Tips: Optimize Your URL For Search Engines

Mr. Cheque

Google Tips: How To Get Indexed By Google In 2 Hours

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What does it take to get indexed by Google within two hours?

Woops... sorry for that "Earch Engines". That is already corrected right now.

Here is part of the story:

Blogger Tips: Optimize Your URL For Search Engines

Mr. Cheque

Blogger Tips: Optimize Your URL For Search Engines

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This is another trick for you.

Blogger turns your blog posts title into URLs. Those two, the title and the URL, are going to be the SERP of your blog in many search engines. So, you have your SERP in search engines just like this:

The title:

Blogger Tips: Simple Product Gallery

The URL:

Or this:

Biggest Adsense Cheque Ever!

And the URL is:

You see, you get the exact match of those two - the title and the URL, except for that special character of course. This is good.

What if this is the case? You have a much longer title for your post like this one:

8th Example of A Dozen of Cheques Handed to Mr Cheque

And then the URL just goes like this:

Or this:

Yusuke Kawasaki Received Another Cheque -

And the result URL is this:

Blogger just cut away some portion of your title before turn it into your URL. In many cases, this is just confusing people when they do find you in search engines. Or else, your URL looks and sounds weird. This is bad... bad... bad...

You can fix those erroneous URLs with this simple trick.

Once you have to post in a long title, you have to concern to the URL first. Just create your "title" for the URL you wanted to be present in search engines, and make it as a "dummy" title. For example:

Publish your post, so you have the URL you want. Then edit the post once again. This time, change the title into something you think better for the post like:

Blogger Tips: Optimize Your Posts Title For Better SERP

Publish it once again. So there you go, you have the title and the URL that just looks and sounds right for you! And for the search engines of course! And for your future visitors of course!

Like this one:

How To Attract Adsense - The Secret And Law of Attraction Applied

Or this post you are reading!

Good luck.

Mr. Cheque

Blogger Tips: Optimize Your Posts Title For Better SERP

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Are you using Blogger? Is this what people see on search engines when they search and then landed on your site?

Komunikasi, Motivasi, Leadership: Tips#...
Komunikasi, Motivasi, Leadership: Tips#...
Komunikasi, Motivasi, Leadership: Tips#...
Komunikasi, Motivasi, Leadership: Tips#...
Komunikasi, Motivasi, Leadership: Tips#...

There are two parts of that search result. The first part before ":" is the name of the blog. The rest after the ":" is the title of the posts on related blog.

You see, people are only seeing the blog's name and not the "contents" of it. This is not optimum for the blog's SERP on major search engines. Unfortunately, that was produced by the default setting on standard Blogger templates.

That, can be better if people can see just like this:

Kendala Mendengar: Komunikasi...
Menjalani Perubahan: Komunikasi, Motivasi...
Berani Bertindak: Komunikasi, Motivasi...
Mungkin, Anda Lazy Thinker Juga...
Alasan Salah untuk Maju dan Berubah...

Those are just the opposite of the previous SERP example above. The contents of the blog - represented by the title of the posts, and then the name of the blog.

So the last is much better for the SERP of your Blogger pages. And of course, this is important for your "keywords claiming" on many search engines.

How can you do this? Simple, just get the hack out of here.

And... sorry for that Indonesian language over there. That is the simplest, easiest explanation I have so far. But sure, it's easy to understand.

Mr. Cheque

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blogger Tips: Simple Product Gallery

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Are you selling products on blogger? How about this simple, neat, and nice product gallery, you can use on your blog? It is made of javascript. And it's just a template element. You can use it just by adding a new element on your template... and a few hacking works, of course.

You can click on the thumbnail, and the bigger image will change accordingly. Nice isn't it?

No more deep-down scrolling for your visitors!

With this simple gallery, you are surely making progress on your Adsense clicks potential right away!

See an actual live gallery and get the script over here or directly download the script from here.

Mr. Cheque

Adsense Tips: Multiple Google Ads Exposed

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When you are visiting a site, you can find left, right, up, or down arrow on Google Ads as shown below:

That means you can click on the arrow (left, right, up, or down) so the ads will scroll accordingly.

You, are actually being exposed up to twenty or twenty-five ads at a time!

Now you know, why is it better if you just put the Adsense much closer to the header of your pages, in wide or skyscraper format.

You get much more exposures and legal clicks on the Adsense!

Mr. Cheque

How I Made $900,000 Adsense Cheque

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"I look back now at how ill prepared I was, I didn't know anything about SEO, advertising, community and I didn't even know what venture capital was. Just goes to show You anyone can do anything."
Markus Frind - Plentyoffish - $900,000 Adsense Cheque Owner

Mr. Markus Frind is the owner of who earned $900,000 from a single Adsense cheque. Just take a look of his $900,000 Adsense cheque. What was he done to earn that big money?

He said,
"I made a whole $5.63 cents my first month."
And now You all know the story.

This is Mr. Frind's marking on how He started His Adsense empire.

1. Learn on SEO.
2. Focus in traffic.
3. Work really hard.
4. Spent time on reading, studying, learning.
5. Try to be bigger than others.
6. You don't have to be perfect, good is enough.
7. Constantly forced yourself to test new things.

This is what Mr. Markus Frind means by "traffic"

Read Mr. Markus Frind's statement in How I Started An (Adsense) Empire.

Mr. Cheque

Thursday, December 20, 2007

How To Attract Adsense - The Secret And Law of Attraction Applied

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Have you ever watched a movie called "The Secret"? It's about the secret that's been kept by most powerful, most successful, most famous, most wealthy people at any time in the humankind history. This movie had at least three times featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The Secret is revealed now.

Shout a great and memorable name. Hermes, Newton, Einstein, Napoleon Bona Parte, Alexander The Great, Thomas Alva Edison, George Washington, Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Jack Canfield, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Stephen Covey, George Soros, Onasiss, Joe Vitale, Napoleon Hill, Abraham Hicks, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, William Walter Atkinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ernest Holmes, Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vurnum, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, John Assharaf, James Allen, John Gray, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Wallace D Wattles. You name it!

They achieved what they achieved at their times, using and operating The Secret. So, what is the secret? The Secret is The Law of Attraction or LoA.

What all those great people has teaches us is The Secret, that's being expressed in many ways like:

"Like attracts like."

"You are a living magnet."

"Thoughts become things."

"You get what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted."

"Be, do, have."

"All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration."

"You get what you put your energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted."

"Energy attracts like energy."

"Everything draws to itself that which is like itself."

"Whatever you want wants you."

"What you sow is you reap."

"What you put out you get back."

"What comes around goes around."
In brief, The Law of Attraction is the application of these principles and beliefs:

1. All humans are being gifted with the two most powerful tools for their lives. Those two are body and mind.

2. While our body is physically pursuing our success, our mind is mentally attracting it. Read again carefully! Answer this question; what is the action of your mind all this time, is it pursuing or is it attracting? Most of us operate our mind in "pursuing", not "attracting". This is the point where everything starts to go the wrong way. The right action to apply to the mind is "to attract". It is good for you to read and download this great free book, "The Shocking Truth About Action". Really, this book will shock you!

3. Everything is created twice. The first is in your head. All buildings are created twice, the first are at their blueprints. Or, the first is when the architect draw the concept. Or, the first is within the mind of the owner of the building. Your success is created twice, the first is within your mind. If there are three doors at the blueprint, so there you go, you'll have three doors at your building in physical existence.

4. Our mind communicates everything, in or out, in images not words. Just remember something, then you'll see images not words.

5. So, the first step of creation of our success is about dreaming, visualizing, or visualization. You see, this is why every success coach wants you to visualize your success and focus only at what you want, not what you don't want. Visualizing is the most important step in creation. This is what Mr. Albert Einstein means by "imagination is more important than knowledge".

6. With a detailed, specific, accurate, precise, and constantly exposed of the right visualization, you are guided to be inspired to take action. You are expected to get the passion or event obsession. This action, refered by the experts as the "inspired action".

That's it!

Those all above are about this Adsense Cheques Gallery. Make your dreams. Create your first step to success. You are to be expected to focus on what you really want as an Adsense publishers. Jump into those Adsense cheques just all over this site. Feel it. Feel, what it feels when you receive one of those cheques. Chase it! Make any success visualization you want about getting rich with the Adsense. Attract it! Be passionate. Be obsessed.

Visualize, imagine, wish, that some day your very own cheques be presented in here...


The simplest way to activate "The Law of Attraction" is to put a simple link, backlink, or blogroll to this site, right from your site over there.
This way, you'll be inspired all the time.

Be inspired, take action! And be a successful Adsense publisher.

The Secret and The Law of Attraction applied.

Good luck.
Mr. Cheque
How To Attract Adsense

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Biggest Adsense Cheque Ever!

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Do you think that Markus Frind's ( cheque is the biggest? You are totally wrong! Check this cheque out. It came from Mr Big Check, and this is what he said to me:


I would appreciate if you add this $636,ooo Adsense payment to your gallery. As far as I know this is the biggest published monthly Adsense payment ever (Markus 900k check is for 2 months).

As you can see I want to remain anonymous, so I cannot give more details. But I can tell you one thing, this check is not from arbitrage or spamming the serps or any other BS. This is all whitehat legitimate stuff & the best thing is its almost 99% pure profit!. I am very sorry i cannot give you more info. Anyway thanks a lot for your time man, I really appreciate it.

Mr. Big Check.

Well thank You very-very much Mr. Big Check! I hope soon You can give us Your other super cheques here. Bravo!

Mr. Cheque.

AdSense Cheque for WebSearch Australia

Link -> Free PayPal Money Follow the money -> Twitter

This cheque came from Mr. Dez Blanchfield at, The Australian Search Engine. This is what he said in his letter:

Petty cash really, so we'll see if it's worth running them still in 3 months time ;-).

Love your site idea, wish I'd thought of it first ;-)

Keep up the great work - hope to see myself up in lights soon on your site!

I have other sites I'm going to send in AdSense cheques for too soon.


Ok Mr. Dez, it's not just a petty cash. This is a small winning, that soon be a big winning. That's for sure!

Mr. Cheque.

Cheques From HostGator

Link -> Free PayPal Money Follow the money -> Twitter

These cheques came from Ms. Connie Ong at And this is what she said in her letter:

Hi Mr Cheque,

I would like to have my cheque posted on your site. Pls see attachment file for picture.

A little about me:

My name is Connie and I am from Singapore. I started my internet journey 6 months ago and found it to be very challenging.

I have been earning from Paypal most frequently and this is my first physical cheque from affiliate sales.

My site talks about my internet journey as well as pieces of my life. I review products and recommend good resources.

People come to my site to get to know me as well as to pick up some IM tips.

Hope to see my cheque on your site soon. =)

Cheers & thanks

Well miss Connie, here you go.

Mr Cheque.