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Friday, December 28, 2007

Darren Rowse's And John Chow's Adsense Cheques

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I'm sorry if i had just dissapointed you. That is the exact question. Where are Mr. Darren Rowse's and Mr. John Chow's Adsense cheques? Did you ever seen their Adsense cheques being published somewhere on the net, or at their own blogs?

I did some digging on Google, and tried to search on their blogs (mountains of posts there). Still, i didn't find any "prove" of their money making activities. On Google's Adsense of course. I'm talking about the Adsense, so what i mean is their Adsense cheques.

I DO believe in their skill and ability. And i DO respect them. Yes, really. But yet, it would be nice if we all can see some examples of their Adsense cheques in here isn't it?

Anyone can tell me where to find these two master's Adsense cheques? Or somebody just go straight talking to them, and ask them to read this post.

I specially post this on "cheques invitation". I may invite other famous next time.


Mr. Cheque