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Friday, December 28, 2007

Adsense Millionaires

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Here you go.

1. Markus Frind
How I Started An (Adsense) Empire
Markus Frind's Adsense Millionaire Income

2. Kevin Rose
Business Week Coverage
Kevin Rose - 1
Kevin Rose - 2

3. Jeremy Shoemaker
Jeremy Shoemaker's Adsense Income

4. Jason Calacanis
Weblogs, Inc.
Jason Calacanis

5. David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard
Washington Post coverage

6. Ashley Qualls
Teen Adsense Millionaire! ($1,000,000 at 17).
She is just making so many free MySpace layouts on her site.
Offered more than $1.5 millions for her site but she refused.
Fastcompany Magazine
Yahoo News

7. Tim Carter
Google case study
Tim Carter

8. Joel Comm
Author of "What Google Never Told You About Adsense"

9. Shawn Hogan
Shawn Hogan

10. David Wilkinson
Millionaire boy - 12 year old.
Interview with David Wilkinson

11. Darren Rowse
Cheques Invitation

12. John Chow
Cheques Invitation

Mr. Cheque


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