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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shout Out On Adsense Gallery

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Recently discovered a site based on a unique idea. It's called Cheques Gallery, dubbed as "The gallery of bank notes made by people doing online." Online earners can submit photos of their cheques/checks -- e.g. from AdSense, Chitika, Text Link Ads, Review Me, IntelliTXT, etc. -- for people to see.

I think this particular site will take off, mainly because the site is based on a basic human need: the need to be inspired. More power to Mr. Cheque who owns the site! :)

Hi everyone here is another great site - it's just started up and I expect it to be pretty big pretty soon, it's an idea as a marketer that I love. It give results and it gives real performance and motivates those who are more sceptical ...

So like what the title says, my site recently got some exposure on resulting in getting a permanent backlink from the site. What i did was to send them my cheque earnings and write a short note about my own site. Once featured, people will come to my site through the links from cheques-gallery. I would say that the site has its regular readers and you will be surprised at the surge of traffic to your site. Well at least for those who are getting fat cheques, they would probably gain more since traffic may stick to their site once they landed on it.

Other than this, i actually found a few good links to sites which are strong money-makers and they give out good tips for your online business. Look out for those regular cheques contributers and big cheques earners, their sites proved to be well worth a visit. Also from there you can find some marketers that you might wanna know and learn from.

You can see my site featured here and thanks to Mr Cheque for posting it up. Till my next cheque, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays people!

Just discovered a blog called “Cheques Gallery” which blog the cheques or bank notes people made by doing online activities.

It is truth that many people still do not believe the possible of making money online. The Cheques Gallery shows them the evidences.
Although I keep a “Money” photo gallery, but I seldom show the cheque amount. I am not sure if it is a good idea to show off the cheque amount for the unexpected trouble.

What do you think? Will you tell your income?

Mr. Cheque

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Adsense Cheque

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These are some of the Adsense revenues i've found on last vacation.

What is ZAR? Zambian Rubel?
What is PHP? MyPHP? PHP-Nuke? MySQL? I think that is Philipine's Pesos.

Mr. Cheque

Adsense Celebrities Drama

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I almost forget to put up this post as one of the most controversial debate among those Adsense celebrities. You can find those Adsense celebrities fight for each other. Shoemoney, Darren Rowse, Markus Frind. Read the comments part of the post:

Biggest Adsense Drama

And the winner is...

One Adsense celebrity seems like to decide not to jump into this drama. That's wise.

Mr. Cheque

Friday, January 4, 2008

Adsense Revenue Sharing

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You can now make money with Adsense, not just from your own website or blog. You can make money on other people's sites. You give them your Adsense ID and code, they put the ads on their own sites. You can start your Adsense revenue sharing.

This is the list where you can begin. Remember, we are not endorse them, we only give you information.

Digital Point Forums
Work From Home Forums
IDN Forums
Domain Name Portal
The Rant
Zizula Forums

Blog Hosting
Blogger Party
My Life Of Travel

Article Directories
Xpress Ideas
Article Codex
Hot Web Tools

Simpy (bookmarking)
Joomlaya (Joomlah!/Mambo)
Downline Partners (online mktg)
Rummage4Money (search)
ScratchProjects (code) tagging)
Flixya(video sharing)
Swicki(custom search)
Freerange Stock(stock photos) sharing)

News Communities

Source: Admoolah.

And this one is really a controversy.

You park domain (one to hundreds), they make the site and the pages for each domain filled with related articles (to the Adsense of course), and you can forget them.

Mr. Cheque