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Monday, December 24, 2007

Blogger Tips: Optimize Your URL For Search Engines

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This is another trick for you.

Blogger turns your blog posts title into URLs. Those two, the title and the URL, are going to be the SERP of your blog in many search engines. So, you have your SERP in search engines just like this:

The title:

Blogger Tips: Simple Product Gallery

The URL:

Or this:

Biggest Adsense Cheque Ever!

And the URL is:

You see, you get the exact match of those two - the title and the URL, except for that special character of course. This is good.

What if this is the case? You have a much longer title for your post like this one:

8th Example of A Dozen of Cheques Handed to Mr Cheque

And then the URL just goes like this:

Or this:

Yusuke Kawasaki Received Another Cheque -

And the result URL is this:

Blogger just cut away some portion of your title before turn it into your URL. In many cases, this is just confusing people when they do find you in search engines. Or else, your URL looks and sounds weird. This is bad... bad... bad...

You can fix those erroneous URLs with this simple trick.

Once you have to post in a long title, you have to concern to the URL first. Just create your "title" for the URL you wanted to be present in search engines, and make it as a "dummy" title. For example:

Publish your post, so you have the URL you want. Then edit the post once again. This time, change the title into something you think better for the post like:

Blogger Tips: Optimize Your Posts Title For Better SERP

Publish it once again. So there you go, you have the title and the URL that just looks and sounds right for you! And for the search engines of course! And for your future visitors of course!

Like this one:

How To Attract Adsense - The Secret And Law of Attraction Applied

Or this post you are reading!

Good luck.

Mr. Cheque