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Monday, December 24, 2007

Adsense Tips: 29 Free eBooks On Adsense

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Before you download these materials, please read this carefully.

1. These materials give you any advice on Adsense. Some, probably giving you bad ideas on getting rich with the Adsense. You should understand the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Learn more about these two on Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

2. I get all these materials only by searching on the internet. Most of all are direct downloads of them. You will not facing any form asking you to fill in your name and email, or anykind of login and registering page. Just direct downloads.

3. The links to these materials can be changed or disappeared at any time with any reason. Download them as soon as you can.

4. Some of these materials may contain referral link, affiliate id, reseller link, or any kind of efforts to make money online from your clicks. Those all ARE NOT MINE. If you feel not willing to make somebody else getting richer, don't screw with them. Just read the contents. Or, find another way that you think more appropriate to get to the materials.

5. If you think you have found any of these materials is breaking any laws or any kinds of legal rights, please let me know.

Inform me at:, and tell me just where the visitor should go. This is NOT VALID in the case that the referred address is just another affiliate or reseller page. Tell me only the exact address of the author, the owner, or the fully legitimate and authorized page, as the original source of the material.

6. Basically, I'm only giving my visitors links based on the internet search results. I DO NOT responsible for any other obligation than removing the links. In any circumstances, I may be force myself to remove this whole post at all.

7. Use your anti virus application before opening the materials. I don't want you suffered from all of these. After all, this is all should be fun.

29 Free eBooks On Adsense

77 Ways to Get Traffic
Basic SEO
SEO Made Easy
Blogging For Profit
Bloggers Guide To Profit
Blueprint Guide To Blogger
Google Backdoor
Work At Home Moms Master Course
8,605 Words And Phrases That Sell
Overture Adwords
Adwords Made Easy
Adsense Revenue Exposed
What Google Never Told You About Adsense
Beginners Guide To Adsense
The Adsense Report
The Adsense Mint
Free Adsense eBook
Adsense Arbitrage
Adsense Alternatives Ebook of William Nabaza
Free Adsense eBook
Free Adsense eBook
Building Your own Adsense Empire
AdSense Business In-A-Box Part 1
AdSense Business In-A-Box Part 2
Adsense: Dollar Producing Factory
How To Make Five Figures a Month With AdSense
Banned Adsense
Getting Started With Google Adsense
Password :
Adsense Tips Video

Mr. Cheque


Agus Suhanto said...

Thanks Pak Ikhwan Sopa. This is great.

Do you have any e-books of this kind in bahasa? My plan is to make some of them in year 2008.

MasHenri said...

Thanks Pak. This is very useful, especially for a person who just tried to seek his fortune in internet business. Just like me.

Wish you the best!