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Friday, December 28, 2007

Adsense Starter Pack

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I've been abandoned this site for almost eight months as you can see in the 'jumping archive' in here. I've never post between March and this December. I've got some works to do offline.

Now i'm back and i'm gonna take this site seriously since blogging actually can take me to fame and rich, sorry... ;). I've even posted on this back in early days. Read on this here.

I am a big fan of NLP and The Law of Attraction. NLP is the science of excellence and The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. I'm heavily using both in my offline works and now i'm gonna use those two on the Adsense, so stay close folks. The whole thing about Adsense tips and tricks will be different from now on.

You are not going to see too many NLP and The Law of Attraction theories, techniques, or methods in here. If you are interested in NLP and The Law of Attraction, you'll just have to learn them yourself. This site is an experimental applications of those concepts.

Let us begin.

These are what you can learn so far to get rich by online money making. You will never find this kind of Adsense Starter Kit any where else.

1. The very first thing you'll have to do is to learn something frequently called as 'modelling'. You have to learn on how internet famous and rich people get their money online. You have to duplicate them. Not to duplicate their blogs or sites. Not just post things in their style. You have to find your own. The most important thing for you to know is to duplicate their mind and their actions.

2. You have to be consistent in a) observing, b) duplicating, c) modifying their 'whatevers'.

3. Keep posting. Don't do what I just did. Do this daily. Several post daily is better than one post a day. Soon, the search engines and networking are gonna be your best partners.

4. Focus on content and traffic. Give your visitors interesting matters as much as you can, but keep the focus on your main theme.

5. Once you get your site filled with tens of posts or so, go sign up for the Google Adsense. It would be better if you are not signing up when your site is just like parked domain pages out there. Contents!

You can take a look at my earlier posts on February Adsense Cheques and March Adsense Revenue. They really bring me traffic though they are not mine. Those are what i called "the fishing posts".

Be unique. Be you. Be the first if you can.

You can also take a look at those internet famous, rich-people's first month posts like Darren Rowse's and John Chow's. Learn about what they've done in early days. Or, just take look at the early posts on Darren Rowse's photography and John Chow's tech gadget sites. Or, you can take a look on how Markus Frind did this.

6. Put up your best posts on the top of your home page and make them as permanent links. A simple one for example is my "BIGGEST REAL ADSENSE CHEQUES..." thing up there. You can also see how Markus Frind do this by exposing how many visitors are being online at any time. These will attract visitors.

7. Have a clear vision and mission for your site. Make them as special posts and put them as permanent links somewhere on your home (top) page. You can see my vision and mission in "How To Attract Adsense - The Secret And Law of Attraction Applied" and "For Cheque Owners: Cut The Craps, Just Say It With Your Cheques!"

Find yours.

8. Put up an invitation or more as the implementation of your vision and mission like my "Send Us Your Cheque(s)" on the upper left corner, or my "Read Me Again" on the upper right corner or my "The simplest way to activate..." up in the middle of this site. Make them permanent.

See my special invitation. In NLP and Law of Attraction terms, this is called "declaration" or "ask".

9. Post a "Blog Suggestions Post" like my "Comments About This Blog" on this blog sidebar, so you'll get feedbacks from your visitors. You are going to do the life time improvements. Make it as a permanent link somewhere on your top page. Go to my "please comment" post. Write your comments.

10. Learn on copy-writing. You are a marketer. Learn to do stuffs like these:

How To Attract Adsense - The Secret And Law of Attraction Applied
Adsense Millionares
Adsense Challenge...
One Million Dollar Adsense Cheque! (Sorry, this one is a fake).
Adsense Tips: 29 Free eBooks On Adsense
How I Made $900,000 Adsense Cheque
Biggest Adsense Cheque Ever!
Adsense Starter Pack

Not just words. Contents!

11. Learn on how to optimized your Adsense ads. Manage them with Channels. Maintain them all the time.

12. Make your visitors open a new window as they click an internal link; a link that point to a page on your own site, not others. Use the "target=_new" tag in your certain links. This will increase the chance of getting this to your visitors.

13. Make your post, title, and URLs search engines friendly. Just take a look at this post:

How To Get Indexed By Google In Minutes
Blogger Tips: Optimize Your Posts Title For Better SERP
Blogger Tips: Optimize Your URL For Search Engines

14. Have an overall powerful message like this one:


15. The rest, just go surfing to get all those old fashion Adsense tips and tricks. You can find anything you need out there except for this Adsense Starter Pack.

to be improved...

Mr. Cheque