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Thursday, March 15, 2007

11th Example of A Dozen of Cheques Handed to Mr Cheque

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Here is the 11th. This is also from Amazon. You may heard that the Amazon is going to contextualized their ads. And you know what? My very best friend, Mr. Riva from Indonesia, had just contextualized the Amazon's ads, far before the Amazon publicized their intention. I know this good guy in the PHP-Nuke community.

Check out his works, The AmaZense, combining the power of Adsense and Amazon. And The AmaZense-2, the truly contextual Amazon ads.

And guess what, now Mr. Riva's site has backlinks needed from Amazon, virtually as much as the number of books ever been there right at the Amazon warehouses!

You can try these: "indonesia top" and "indonesia bookstore" at Google.

Mr. Cheque.