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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fauzan Husin -

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Mr. Fauzan Husin from Kelantan, Malaysia, sent me his 2006 December Adsense cheque. And this is what he said in his mail:

"p/s: i bookmark your site..i really2 like it !!!"

Ok, thank you. I like this too.

And these are what others said to me today:

"hai too, your blog has forced my spirit to work more serious in order to get much profit. do you have an advice for me what I can do to reach my dream (financial freedom)?"
"Very interesting gallery, unique niche keep it up ...."
"nice cheques... i wonder if it could happen to me, too.. haha"
"That's a lot of cheques!"
"Hi there, Interesting website..."

That, is EXACTLY what my intention too. Just keep werking fella!

BTW, Now everybody's calling me Mr. Cheque.

Mr. Cheque


PassionSeekers said...

I really like the idea of getting REAL results and REAL performance - I hope this idea takes off for you and your site starts getting hit like a pingpong ball. It's a great idea for the sceptics to get an idea for whats "out" there and what we all can acheive.

Fauzan aka Jeketb said...

thanks Mr. Cheque for showing my cheque...

next month, i will submit the other cheque again..(",)

Anonymous said...

hai mine name is najeb n i would like to learn and know more about how to make the real and true money by using the blog..
N btw i would like to learn from all of you guys,i actually don't know how the blogs work ,can anybody teach me for people new like me...
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zaki said...

great blog fauzan....
I'm now a subscriber for your blog